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Your Pub is NOT a Nightclub - the Falsities of Heritage

Denise W


Canadian pub... Eh? This is one really ghetto pub. Walked in and it was weird.

Not sure if everyone there are Canadians? If you check in on yelp its free shot.

It's interesting to know that this pub exist because that means you can get Canadian beer etc. Like Molson.....

Well this is really a one time visit. Won't go back.


I guess I need to clarify with the owner of this pub, Olivia. First off let me talk about myself. I am a Canadian. Born and Raised. I am sorry you did not understand the Eh??? here. Yes its only Eastern part of Canada that uses Eh a lot and where I am from the metropolitan city Vancouver, we do not use Eh. So you are not from the Canadian East... ok. Olivia not sure if you have to been to west of Canada either but things have changed. If you go to any pub either in Calgary or Vancouver or just west of Canada, it doesn't look like your pub. Its very lively, hip and clean. Canada is no longer in old style wood décor look anymore (for more look at some of the pubs I have been to in terms of décor) . Maybe 30 years ago? Canada has grown so modern that is why in the news you hear about housing prices and people demolishing and rebuilding and loosing the old look. I am serious! Canada has changed to very modern. So when I say your pub is ghetto, I am coming from the Canadian context. It would be nice for you to see what most Canadian pub are like.

So walked in and the floor was sticky and table was sticky. We didn't get much service maybe the way we dressed and the way we talked. Also it was very ghetto and run down (this is again comparing what a Canadian pub would look like in Vancouver, Quebec, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto etc. Olivia sorry if you don't know where those places are.

Yes you have Hockey and Canada flags and etc everywhere. But this is so stereotypical of what you imagine a Canadian pub would look like. I have been to Molson plant and went into the Molson pub (real Canadian one) and it doesn't even look like what your pub looks like.

Sorry Olivia things have changed in Canadian context. Maybe back 40 years before my time, Canadian pub looks like that. When I heard there is a Canadian pub in Houston, I was excited thinking its the Canadian atmosphere. I was disappointed.

Olivia you do not have to insult my intelligence here. I am speaking from what is back home.

I do understand where you are coming from. You have the Canadian beer but you don't have the Canadian décor, the Canadian pub ambiance and Canadian chill service.

I have noticed most of your customers are not Canadian. So it's like me not able to make comment of a Irish pub but I am a real Canadian. Also your pub is located in midtown and few blocks (Canadian blocks - if you know what I mean) in, the building are all very nice and new and it makes yours a bit older looking and run down. Maybe its the dark wood look.

Olivia, just to let you know Canadian are not only into lumber jack. Please look at my other reviews to see what is a Canadian pub and how the décor looks like. Also, Olivia on your comment about my grammar, Yelp is not a English class school website. When I say ghetto in Canadian context may be different in your context. Please make a trip to Canada and you will know what I am talking about. I am just coming from what a Canadian would say.

owners response:


What exactly makes the pub "ghetto"? Is it the kind service? Is it the shockingly clean environment and restrooms? Is it the midtown area? Is it the lack of drug use and bar fights?I'm not sure that word means what you think it means.


To be clear, my above comment is a hilarious reference to The Princess Bride. A well received film than anyone over 30 should be able to pick up on. It wasn't an insult to your grammar as there were no grammatical errors.

"I find the decor to be a bit out of date and my table and surrounding floor area was sticky". That's a review that accurately assesses your issues. In which case I would respond and apologize for the sticky. I don't actually care what you think my experience in Canada is or isn't. Neither is it any of your business. Thank god there is diversity in this city. There are super modern places for you to visit, Cle' or whatever fickle place is most fashionable right now. I assure you they are doing much better than we are. But we are NOT TRYING TO BE THEM!!! Don't go to a sushi restaurant and put a review in that their hamburger sucks. Duh. It's going to suck. You went into a bar that is owned by Canadians, sells every single Canadian beer available in this state including some we had to work our butts off to get here. We employee Canadians. We support the Canadian Club of Houston. We celebrate Canada Day. We give a space to watch Canada's co-national sport, hockey. We make a darned tootin' good poutine. If that's not Canadian enough for you, then you have unreasonable expectations.

If you go to Ireland, there are a lot of different kinds of bars. Some are clubs, some are pubs, and everything in between. But almost every Irish Pub outside of Ireland looks about the same. They aren't built to be a reflection of current bar trends in Ireland, they are built to give (1) Irish expats a place to go that feels like home (2) a place to buy a variety of Irish beers that you might not be able to get at other places. (And more but that's my main point.)

We are a pub. A hockey pub. A Canadian based hockey pub.

Dear future readers: if you find wood wainscoting to be repulsive to the point that you hate the pub, please don't bother coming in. If an 11 year old building is too old fashioned for you, please don't bother coming in.

We are not stylish. We are not hip. We have a few things we care about:



Tasty drinks and tasty food and a good price

Fun times

Happy co-workers

Hockey and other sports

Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes we don't. But, we are always trying to do our best.

Last note: I did not send that message to you. Nor would I ever speak to anyone like that. I know who did. I apologize for his behavior. I take responsibility for his actions and apologize for that.

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