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How to Lose Free Hot Dogs in 45 Minutes or Less

Eugene L


I would give it zero stars but the system won't let me give it less than one. And what's more shocking is that there are people who gave it more than the required one!! The place is a complete ripoff. I would echo every comment about bad or non-existent food and truly horrible and hateful service. I went into this place last night. I thought it odd that the place nextdoor had no air conditioning but was PACKED and this place was full climate controlled but nearly empty. That was a clue indeed. My guest and I ordered drinks and the so-called "wallet relief" hot dogs. Now remember, the place was near empty. Then we ordered another drink and inquired about the dogs. "Coming right up!" Then we ordered another drink and again, inquired about the dogs (thirty minutes or so by now) and the jerk said "I told you two minutes ago that it would be out in a minute!" and then the a-hole snarled at us. Well we snarled back. He handed us our tab and told us to "Pay Up and Get Out!" the Tab was 26 bucks and I threw 50 on the bar and told him to go f himself. Im 56 years old, i've lived in Manhattan, Los Angeles, spent a half dozen summers in various Canadian provinces, and I've been almost everywhere else BUT i have never once seen anything like this crap anywhere. Again, ZERO STARS and i'll scold the punk severely if i see him again.

owners response:


This review has been filtered, but in case anyone ever sees it, let me just say, there are 2 sides to every story. We certainly strive to provide the best service possible, which is why this guest was notified from the start that the FREE hot dogs would be a while as we just put a new batch in the oven. We never expected that anyone would become some belligerent and aggressive over free hot dogs. It was due to this party being so aggressive and threatening that they were asked to leave. PS. We no longer offer free hot dogs on Tuesdays thanks to these two "gentlemen". Service issue sol

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