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How I Wish I was Still in Canada / Why Can't This be Canada / I Miss Canada / Oh, Canada

Ben K


I would give this place a zero, but I can't. Let me explain why I rate it so lowly:

1) no Labatt on tap, this is a Canadian bar... wtf?

2) a pitcher of Molson runs $18, this is horse shit. I don't care if someone carried the keg on his back from Canada, an $18 pitcher of anything is absurd.

3) well, #2 is pretty much strike 3, but the food here isn't good, at all... there must be a reason they let you bring in outside food, eh?

4) I went there to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and they played the NBC broadcast, and not the CBC broadcast. I don't care if it is Texas, at a 'Canadian' bar you should have a Canadian station. Especially if you're going to charge me $18 for cheap Canadian beer.

1+2= never going back again. (1+2)/3x4 = no, I'd rather not.

P.S. snarky mgr comments pushes this into negative territory, since mgmt was nonexistent when we went. Had to order food 2x because bartender blew us off the first time... food took forever to arrive after our order actually got through... That sucks about the Labatt, but the price for a 6 of Molson is comparable to what it is up north... Beer is always cheaper in bulk, eh? So yes, the price of a pitcher is a bit unreasonable.

owners response:


This review is ridiculous...I find it very irritating when people don't even take the slightest moment out of their life to investigate an issue or bring it up to the staff who would have gladly explained everything. Instead, we get a 1 star review that is going to overall bring down our stars on YELP. We are very proud of our staff, service, and each guests experience.

(1) Labatt CHOSE to pull out of Texas all together. No Labatt Blue on draft anywhere in Texas. Please feel free to voice your displeasure to them directly. The kind people at Molson decided to move into the Texas market when Labatt pulled out 3 years ago. Thank you Molson!

(2) $18 for a pitcher of imported beer is not at all out-of-the-ordinary.

(3) We are a bar, not a restaurant, which is why even though we do have limited selections of food, we DO allow people to bring in any food they'd like, including delivery. We do not have to do this. Many bars don't let you bring in food even when they have no menu. I can't possibly see that this is a negative. (PS...Our hummus is better than ANYONE in the city. I'd bet on it)

(4) We are in Texas (part of the US)...We do have the Center Ice package, and on occasion Center Ice pulls the CBC broadcast. However, unless you illegally bring in a Canadian satellite dish, you are stuck with the American broadcast. Rest assured, not only are we pulling the "most Canadian" version we can get, but we are the only bar in town where you not only can watch the game, but you can hear it too. And, you can enjoy the game with 100+ fellow hockey fans.

In summary, we received a 1 star review from someone because of an $18 pitcher of Molson Canadian. I am pretty sure we have some of the cheapest prices in town. $2.50 Lone Star tallboys, $3 beer-of-the-week, and $2 shot-of-the-day. You can come to The Leaf and have 2 tallboys, 1 shot, and a hot dog for $8. I am fairly sure that still counts as a good deal.

You can't please all the people all the time. And if this reviewer had a legitimate issue, I'd apologize and rectify it immediately. With the exception of the pricing of our pitcher of Molson, We can't control any of the issues raised in this review. I know of a terrific bar where this kind reviewer will be happy. It's in Canada. Sorry, we are not in Canada. Oh, I found something I can apologize for...Not being in Canada.

we love Yelp.

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