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Sometimes They Come Back

Lynne F


Long story short, they gave my credit card to someone else. And they tried to reassure me by saying that it happens all the time...

I was there for the first time last Thursday for trivia. Things weren't going so well--the trivia categories weren't as well-rounded as we thought they would be, they ran out of steaks, the game we wanted to watch wasn't coming on, etc. It was all forgivable until I went up to the bar to close my tab.

I was given my receipt and after I signed it, I was given the wrong credit card. I went back to the bar to let them know that what they handed me wasn't my credit card, so the bartender went back and looked for my card. Fifteen minutes of the bartender avoiding eye contact, and two other workers on the same case, the "Boss Lady" (that's what it says on her business card) starts talking to the other girls next to us and apologizes for losing their card. I was surprised to hear that the same thing happened to them too! Obviously, it was another mistake on their part. The lady needed to talk to me, but instead alarmed other customers about their ineptitude.

Anyway, the boss starts to check for the person to whom they gave my card to on facebook but to no avail. She tries to reassure me by saying that it's happened once a year for the past four years, so there's nothing I should worry about. She also says that I can call my credit card company and say that I forgot my credit card at the bar (false, my credit card was given to someone else), but she advised for me not to take any action until I gave her 20 hours to look for my card. She said I wouldn't be responsible for charges anyway (how did she really know that??).

An apology didn't materialize from the pub until another 10-15 minutes later and the boss even said that I should call the bar to follow up. I've since canceled my credit card. I was really disappointed that the bar took no responsibility for their actions and even tried to blame the incident on me. I asked them for some sort of compensation for all the inconvenience, and they haven't gotten back to me at all. There's very little hope in my mind that they will.

This pub seems to take its customers for granted and has obviously made mistakes in the past that they have done nothing to prevent.

owners response:


Pretty much everything she said was true. We did indeed give her blue card with the same last name to another customer of the same surname. I did ask her to wait before she cancelled the card so that she would not have to endure the pain of having to have a reissued card. We took care of her tab. We apologized. And, in the end she got her card back as promised. Accidents happen. We did take responsibility, were frank, honest and apologetic. There was nothing that could be done to change what had happened. It was indeed, human error. One that has happened before and will happen again. As for compensation, I am happy to report that about 2 weeks after her visit, she came in again and we were able to buy a round for her and her friends.

Thank you for the review and understanding that we are all human and mistakes will inevitably happen. I am glad you got your card back.

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