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You'll be a Dentist, You have a Talent for Causing Great Pain



Walked in there with my boyfriend and walked out all within 5 minutes,they did not acknowledge our presence at all. Waitress was too busy picking some guys teeth using a blue light.

to owner: Thanks for your response, your bar still sucks. I can care less if the teeth picking lady sells sex toys. Your entire response was childish; you can take your bar and yourself back to Canada OYE. FYI get rid of your tables if you dont have waitresses.

owners response:


Though you may have felt that your service was slow it should be noted:

1) It’s a bar. We don’t have waitresses.

2) The person you thought was a waitress picking some guys teeth with a blue light was actually a guest who sells medical supplies and that blue light shows inclusions that can’t be seen with the naked eye. I’m not sure why you thought she was a waitress but she’s a guest. And the some guy was her friend.

***edit...this is precisely what’s wrong with yelp. A person walks into a hair salon and says their locksmith SUCKS...1 star. Though factually accurate, the hair salon has to sit on this stupid 1 star review and it brings down their average. Not everyone takes the time to read all the reviews let alone the owners responses. According to the reviewer if a bar has tables then it’s required to have a server. And after it was brought to the reviewers attention that the presumption about a guest was incorrect the review was not edited to reflect the inaccuracy. Rather, the reviewer took the time to edit their review to call me childish, invite me to move back to Canada (I’m from Texas) and redesign the bar to better suit their notions. I am happy to know that my bar does not suit everyone all the time. This is a fact of life. But I hate to miss a guest that opens yelp and sees an erroneous 1 star review and writes us off. Maybe I missed making a life long friendship. I mean, not with this reviewer, but maybe someone else.

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