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There is a Toe Nail in My Food: Tales of Our Not-So Friendly Neighbor

Nicolas L


The list goes on. To start, the hateful atmosphere was not tolerable. My credit card was stolen, individuals served food with toe nails, TOE NAILS, in it and the service was beyond horrendous. The owner was on drugs and the staff could not get anything right. I watched them insult a woman and her family simply because they did not 'look' like them. In addition to what was mentioned above, the individuals working there admitted to 'adding extra ingredients' to my food. You can't make this stuff up but you can make up the other bogus reviews on here. Whoever rated this place 4-5 stars has no class or taste. This place isn't worthy of 2 stars let alone 1. The owners are terrible individuals that do not care about their customers or quality service. Do yourself a favor and pass this place up. You and your family deserve better.

owners response:


Funny - I don’t know many people who are more anti-drug than Sean and I. So, like the rest of your thoughts and assumptions, this is inaccurate at best and appalling lies more likely.

How precisely would a TOE NAIL get into food? It would require a person having brought nail clippers with them (weird) become so enraged by a person that they

Remove their shoe

Remove their sock

Clip a toe nail

Place it in your food

For you to magically find it

Very unlikely

No drugs here on the part of ownership or staff (except Metamucil).

I can’t imagine what you are talking about with a woman and children we “insulted”.

We swipe and return cards immediately. This did not happen either.

So many lies

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