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Take a Slow Train to Steak Land

Trevor H


Waited for 2 hours for a steak on steak night, if you come here, be sure to come before 7pm. You will wait for a long time if you are with a group, and will eat if you are solo. The waitress did a good job. There is no communication between the cook and the server. Spoke with Olivia for a resolution, but was not going to suffice. The steaks are too big for the one grill they have in the back. They have been overwhelmed with orders between 730-830, and there is only one cook for steaks. They must increase over head and add a second, third grill to their restaurant. She mentioned this isn't the first time, and this will not be the last time. I hope this bar well. But it needs a lot of improvements. Losing a lot of revenue on Thursday nights.

owners response:


Though I do appreciate the kind tone of this review, I stand by what I explained face-to-face: our steak is the BEST in Houston. A 14oz choice-grade hand-cut ribeye and a baked potato with all the toppings you need for $16??? That's unheard of. The only way we can afford to provide this excellent meal is by keeping our labor cost to a minimum. For TWO days Sean and I prepare. Thursday's are our busiest night, because of both steak night and pub quiz. The only way we can get the steak out faster is to add an additional cook. That costs money. The price of steak will increase to $20.

Most of our customers understand that good things come to those who wait. This is the culture we propagate at The Maple Leaf. It's no different than waiting in a super long line for a food truck. High quality at a low price costs you time. Have you ever waited 2 hours for a table on a Friday night? Should the restaurant expand to accommodate and increase their prices to cover the extra rent? Have you ever waited a week or 6 for a reservation at a hot and new restaurant? Should they expand so you can get in faster? NO.

Dear world,

At The Maple Leaf Pub, if you want a steak in 15 minutes or less, order before 7:00. If you want it in 45 minutes or less order between 7:00 and 7:30. If you order after 7:30 it takes an exceedingly long time. But, heck, it's CHEAP AND DELICIOUS!!!!



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