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No One Puts Dressing on a Salad: How I was Assaulted by Flavor and Lived to Tell The Tale

Mario W


I made a mistake and ordered food here, a shitty salad at that. Asked to remake it but this time dressing on the side. They didn't remake it and brought me the same one, charged me and blamed it on me. Worst service ever, rude, don't follow up with customers. Horrible but I'll take partial responsibility for giving Canadians the benefit of the doubt.

owners response:


Folks: the details are important. This guest admittedly FORGOT to order the dressing on-the-side. The salad was served to him as ordered. When the server came to follow up as a 2-bite check (“hey y’all how’s your food?”) this guest pushed his bowl at her and scoffed that he forgot to ask for his dressing on the side. She offered to get him more lettuce so there would be “less dressing by volume” he said no. It was too rich. She brought the salad to me and WE decided that I would partially remake his salad. very specifically I got a new bowl, filled it with fresh, clean, dry, dressing-free lettuce. I then put a new glove on my hand and plucked his toppings off his salad (guacamole, pico, tortilla strips, grilled chicken, pickled red onions. pepper jack cheese) and placed as much as I could salvage on his new salad. I added a little extra fresh new toppings and I put a cup of dressing on the side. The server then served this salad to him. OH AND (not that I should ever be shocked by the brilliance of humans...) POURED THE ENTIRE CUP OF DRESSING BACK ON THE SALAD ONLY ATE THE TOPPINGS AND LEFT ALL THE LETTUCE. OH, and he ever so kindly stiffed his server. He also (god...what a winner) followed up with a phone call and asked for a manager only to find out that his server was also the manager...poor thing didn’t like that one bit...where he proceeded to tell her she sucked multiple times and that NO PLACE PUTS DRESSING ON THEIR SALAD!

Mario, I’m sorry you forgot to order your salad without dressing. I DID REMAKE IT. You got a whole fresh bowl of lettuce that I paid for out of my pocket, you got about 12 % more ingredients that I paid for out of my pocket. Your server now has to pay taxes on your ticket which means she had to pay to wait on you out of her own pocket. And all of this because you forgot to say dressing-on-the-side. Let’s even say IF (and this is not what happened) you had originally asked for it on the side and the server forgot, was this not remedied? Were you not served a fresh salad with dressing-on-the-side? You were. “I’ll take partial responsibility here”. NO BUDDY. Take all the responsibility. Delete your review because it’s full of lies and narcissism. Poor Mario was served a salad with dressing on it. Which the establishment then remedied


Good riddance.

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