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I'm Sorry: A Once in a Lifetime Apology

Todd M


Meh so the shot of the day didn't work. I showed the bartender the yelp perk and she gave me full choice of shot. I pick don Julio and when it came time to collect don Julio wasn't part of shot of day. Obviously the bartender was on drugs, got pissed when I didn't tip and yeah screw this place. Bartender would take my order go to the taps and come back with a completely wrong order. Completely a cluster. Very bad CS. Won't be back here for awhile. Probably never .

owners response:


Oh my gosh, I have to apologize. We had a fill in bartender today. She was doing us a favor and doesn't really know everything. I'm really sorry. I hope you'll give us another shot. And truly, we apologize.

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